Limited edition project 2019 - 2022

DOULEUR! and DOULEUR!2 are the results of an exciting collaboration between Antonio Gardoni of Bogue Profumo and artist/tattooist Freddie Albrighton.

A dense, tropical water blasts out of DOULEUR!2, is it cucumber or melon? Amplified by camphorous tea tree and a double dose of sweet, candied mint. Underneath this, a hazy, lactonic impression of a white floral, that doesn’t quite read as jasmine, or ylang ylang, but something completely new.

The metallic rose evolves into something totally transparent, a hologram of metallic pink over the perfume.

DOULEUR! is a radiant extrait de parfum, settling into a somehow milky, rich aquatic and solar floral, with a spike of metal and salt. Balsamic resins, benzoin and civet at the end leave the exaggerated scent of sunburnt skin.

This is Bogue like you’ve never smelt it before. There is no pleasure without DOULEUR!

douleur! accord, metallic rose, jasmine?, mint candy, tea tree, water, oyster, civet, resins