Bogue MASK – smell tool

Bogue MASK is an object inspired by the shape of the classic disposable paper filter mask used to protect and isolate the respiratory system.
Bogue MASK is a poetic, evocative and innovative object that even though, it reminds of classic filter masks subverts its principle and mimicry turning itself into an elegant tool able to capture aromas and diffuse them, creating an original olfactory experience.
Antonio Gardoni originally designed the Bogue MASK as a tool to evaluate raw materials and finished compositions, an instrument that helps scents to mature and expand inside a defined space involving both the nasal and the oral cavity in experiencing every single aspect of the fragrance during its evolution.
The internal surface of the Bogue MASK is made in natural terracotta in order to absorb the liquid scent and release its aromas together with the deepest aromatic notes, Bogue MASK is as well an incredible aroma diffuser, elegant, yet enigmatic and unique.
The Bogue MASKS, handcrafted by the artist Fausto Salvi, are available in a limited numbered edition in their classic white glazed finish and in the decadent pure gold finish.