Museo della musica – Bologna 2014

Scent installation in the Museo della musica (Bologna) part of the project “MAY IT COME TRUE” during the Smell Festival’s annual event. The “boschereccia” (woodland) room used to be as a banquet room decorated by Vincenzo Martinelli (1737-1807), who illustrated opulent landscapes, woods and classical architecture in the distance. These classical elements surround the visitors creating a three-dimensional illusion effect. The plinths supporting Hermas and the statues of Bacchus and Ceres are by the young artist Pelagio Palagi (1777-1860).

KER perfume vision:
Falling asleep in a forest, lying down on damp moss under the canopy of the oaks, when I close my eyes I forget the far away architectures, contact with reality and society. Ceres and Bacchus appear in my dream; the fauns scatter and hide. Ceres brings honey, fruit and a precious gardenia flower; Bacchus brings fig leaves, grapes and a glass to fill. Tree sap covers the gods and freezes them in place, shining like water that appears frozen on the leaves. I fill Bacchus’s chalice with a redolent fluid, the fauns peak back and their desire returns.