Bogue profumo at Wuhao

Beijing design week 2013

The installation, inspired by the five elements of Chinese philosophy, has become an occasion to reflect on the meaning of space as an experience that involves all the senses pushing the investigation beyond the more traditional and desirable elements of architecture to explore the most impalpable and intangible assets such as light, colour and scents.
In collaboration with Bogue-profumo, AG Studio and WUHAO have welcomed the challenge to narrate the space through the olfactory experience occupying a covered walkway in a traditional Chinese architecture divided into five small scented "rooms" related to the elements of Water, Wood, Metal, Earth and Fire.

And Mapping of Beijing Project is also showcased in WUHAO : Bogue-profumo is proposing an olfactive mapping of Beijing with 5 unique fragrances to describe the city:
-1st ring road :  precious scents from the Forbidden City
-2nd ring road:  where is the heart of the City , food and flower market, intense traffic
-3rd ring road :  approaching the Zoo
-4th ring road :  garden and trees of the Summer Palace

WUHAO presented also the “Bogue-mask”, ceramic masks designed and produced to smell in an innovative and exciting way the Bogue fragrances, “Bogue-mask” is an object that reflects the shape of the classical paper mask to filter dust and isolate the inspired air from contact with external agents. “Bogue-mask” completely overturns this principle becoming a tool to immerse yourself in a three hundred and sixty degrees olfactory experience. The inner surface of the mask is left unglazed earthenware to absorb the perfume’s aromas and later releasing the deeper aromas and base notes. This tool, used in conjunction with a more classical paper mouillete on which the perfume is vaporized, helps to smell all the essences tones contained in the fragrance.