Bogue – TAILOR – bespoke service


The chance to make a dream come true: a customized perfume where to project your personality, wishes, dreams, memories and ideas.
Each tailor-made fragrance is custom made and it originates from the relationship between the perfumer and you through a series of meeting and olfactory experiences. An adventure to live together discovering secret worlds where odours are hidden and waiting to be discovered, overlaid and shared.
Bogue-TAILOR is an exclusive product that will follow through the time and that will amplify your persona in the space.
Infusions and handmade distillations are exclusively produced by Bogue- profumo and mixed only with natural raw materials carefully selected.
Special projects will be taken into consideration, fragrances for special events like weddings and parties are regularly developed in the laboratory together with olfactory marketing consultancies and specific art-projects challenges.

Bogue – FUMOIR

The Bogue-fumoir is the new Bogue space where to meet and discover rare and unusual odors.
Far from the daily routine it's easy to find a new comfort-zone in the Bogue-fumoir, a decadent and bizarre bubble where to lose the sense of time and reality, a magic and creative grotto where thoughts and feelings can run freely.
The calm and dark environment of the Bogue-fumoir is an experience in itself, a fragrant wonder-room filled with precious and curious objects, a space where to explore raw materials and create new exciting projects.

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