Cologne reloaded

Cologne reloaded – the ephemeral A-1

2013 – Sold out

Thanks to a hint from an antique dealer I found forty bottles of essences and perfume’s preparations forgotten in a old pharmaceutical laboratory.
All the materials were from the 40’s mainly still sealed and in great conditions, being preserved in the darkness of a cupboard in a underground warehouse. The light and the heat didn’t damage them.
Some of the bottles better preserved included the essence mixture for COLOGNE of Esperis, still with the original recipe and dosage for the preparation of the “eau de cologne”.
I mixed the ingredients following the instructions glued to the bottle for all the 5 different cologne variations with some very interesting results, full of granddad memories and old barbershop flavour.
I tested these fragrances on myself for few days and I fell in love with them to the point of deciding to exploit this treasure to create a completely new contemporary perfume impossible to reproduce without these raw vintage materials.
I increased the formula base concentration from 4% to 15% to obtain a richer base more suitable for a perfume.
I added to this base a mix of contemporary new materials divided in three categories:
• citruses and lavender to enhance the classic cologne’s aromas
• styrax and resins to increase the persistency and the base notes
• castoreum to add an animal note

The result was exciting and magic to the extent that I decided to use the 90% of these old materials to produce 4 liters of perfume aged in a small juniper wood barrel.