GARDELIA is a project commissioned from Profumeria Sacro Cuore to celebrate their 50th anniversary. GARDELIA is created and formulated by Antonio Gardoni.
GARDELIA is a perfume extrait that raises a garden around a flower and from the earth grows following the tree’s lines up to their leaves in the sky.
50 of the best available natural ingredients have been used to celebrate a great flower.
A gardenia to celebrate 50 years of love, 50 years of research, 50 years of passion, 50 years of perfumes
Each GARDELIA bottle is made by hand from the glassmaker maestro Giorgio Giuman in the Murano’s island, Venice. The GARDELIA bottle is hand blown, reversed ball and “balloton” technique with cobalt blue gradient trapped inside the “bullicante” surface dotted with controlled bubbles.
The over-cap of the GARDELIA’s bottle is hand-made in glass paste through lost wax casting with cobalt blue oxide.
Available via Profumeria Sacro Cuore (Italy)- Limited and numbered edition of 50 pieces